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Are you willing to venture outside with this small sex toy?

Despite the lack of excitement in life, what is more satisfying than experiencing an orgasm for pleasure?

Our spotlight today is on the Dingding Whale wearable remote-control vibrator that can create an endless amount of fantasies.

Made of silicone, the Dingding Whale is soft and waterproof, and charges via pinhole USB, making it easy and safe to use.

By showcasing its shape design, you can wear it out of the house without fear of falling off, and also experience the pleasure of both internal and external attacks. The toy’s bottom close to the clitoris, and the thick bumps can activate every part of the private parts, leaving you feeling weak and numb.

The size of the insertable part is just right for most women, with the thickest part measuring 10.83 inches in diameter and 3.39 inches in length, which is just enough to hit the G-spot, but not too thick to be uncomfortable.The design’s broad top and narrow bottom provide a more secure attachment, making it easy to slip out. It can be used for walking without any discomfort, and spinning, jumping, or splitting are not affected.

Furthermore, it has a remote control option, although it’s only 10 meters away, but it is still satisfactory. You can give your boyfriend a remote control and wear it to go out, the kind of do not know when the sudden vibration will be more exciting.pleasure and shame at the same time from the body burst out, the surface of the strong calm, in fact, has long been flooded with a pool of genital discharge.

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