Fox fairy


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  • Arbitrary Bending
  • 9 vibration patterns
  • Noise reduction(<47DB)
  • Clitoral and g-spot stimulation
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Fox fairy is the newest adult toys that can be bent any way you want, no foreign body sensation does not hurt your private parts while adding more ways to play.

Less than 47 decibels noise reduction, sneak play in the room will not be detected.

Dual motor strong vibration, moaning constantly.


  • Material: ABS+Silicone
  • Settings: 9 frequencies
  • Waterproof: IP7
  • Noise Reduction: <47dB
  • Charging time: ≤87 minutes
  • Vibration time: 94-120 minutes
  • Battery capacity: 320mAH
  • Manufacturer: S-hande
  • Name:Fox fairy
  • Country of Origin: Made in China
  • Measurements:



  • IP7 Waterproof
  • Soap & water to clean
  • Use alcohol or dilute bleach solution to sanitize
  • Body-Safe
  • Hypoallergenic
  • compatible with silicone-based lube

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    Fox fairy
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