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  • Roller control(Freedom and Flexibility)
  • Liquid crystal display(Vibration strength at a glance)
  • Intelligent Frequency Conversion(8 speeds and 8 frequencies, 64 ways to play)
  • Tennis ball size and shape head(Stimulates multiple areas)
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Love her and turn his ass pink with this leather bdsm gear.Happy because of whipping.Tassel design is full and delicate,Flirting and stimulating, you control the strength.

These bootlace falls are made of polyvinyl chloride. The sting factor is somewhat offset by the weight and density of approximately 20 falls hitting at once.

The handles are weighted and balanced for ease of use. They provide an excellent grip, are easy to clean, and stay looking nice over a lifetime.

Note: Always predetermine a safe-word or safe-signal before doing any sensation play

Note: It is possible to temporarily mark skin, welt, or bruise with impact play of any kind. Predetermine with the bottom which, if any, marks are acceptable/desired and play accordingly.


  • Material: PVC
  • Name:Macaron Erotic Whip
  • Manufacturer: Black Wolf
  • Country of Origin: Made in China
  • Measurements:
    • Whip length: 250mm/9.84in
    • Handle diameter: 20mm/0.79in
    • Weight:68g/0.15lbs

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