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  • Bidirectional energization
  • Sucking:6,500 RPM vibrating:11,800 RPM
  • 10 frequencies vibration
  • Smallest vibrators with storage box
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This magic cube vibrator can be used by one person or for intimate interactions between partners, It is innovative and really delivers both clitoral and g-spot stimulation.

Making it a great choice for both young ladies using it for the first time as well as for those who have had a lot of experience with sex toys for a long time!


  • Material: Silicone
  • Settings: 10 frequencies
  • Charging time: 60 minutes
  • Vibration time: 70 minutes
  • Battery capacity: 300mA
  • Manufacturer: Galaku
  • Name:Magic Cube
  • Country of Origin: Made in China
  • Measurements:
    • Sucking head size:55mm*30mm(max:58mm)/2.17in*1.18in(max:2.28in)
    • Vibrating Head Size:46mm*20mm/1.81in*0.79in
    • Weight:50g/0.11lbs
    • Box:
      magic cube dimensions


  • Waterproof
  • Soap & water to clean
  • Use alcohol or dilute bleach solution to sanitize
  • Body-Safe
  • Hypoallergenic
  • compatible with silicone-based lube

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